• We grow our roses at altitudes of over 12,000 feet, resulting in stronger stems and larger blooms

  • We deliver US nationwide - directly from our ecofarm...and it's free too!!

  • Ecuadorian roses can grow to be over five feet tall

  • Our location on the equator allows our roses to have an even twelve hours of sunshine year round

  • Roses are one of the oldest flowers on Earth – they date back 35 million years

  • The oldest living rose is 1,207 years old and grows in Hildesheim, Germany

  • The rose is the national flower of The United States

  • There’s a scientific reason you love flowers – studies have found that they positively impact your mood

  • Stop and smell the roses – they have microscopic perfume glands on their petals that give them their scent

  • Roses are botanically related to many fruits, including apples, raspberries, and plums.

  • Our small farm is located on the equatorial line at 0°00’00’’

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Flowers that bloom from the ashes

The side of a volcano might seem like an unlikely place to grow flowers, but it’s the secret behind every one of our buds.

From the highlands of the Cayambe Volcano, to your door, awaken the senses with the wild beauty of Ecuadorian flowers.

Our Story

Our Finca

Our small, family-run farm puts heart and soul into every hand-crafted bouquet we create.
You’ll find our finca at the foothills of the Cayambe Volcano, where the fertile andosol’s

nourish our flowers to touch the sky.
Our community of farmers and florists are working hard to create honest, one-of-a-kind
bouquets that benefit both people and the planet. We’re honored to share our flowers with
you, the visionaries using their purchase power to build a better tomorrow.

Our People

Everyone on our eco-farm can share in the expression of love that our flowers bring. We look out for each other, supporting our farmers with fair wages, accessible healthcare, transportation, and a safe work environment. They are the hands that cut, arrange, and pack your bouquets with care in a truly slow, old-fashioned way.

We feel that in the fast-paced, digitally-driven world that we live in, it’s more important than ever to cherish the native languages and traditions of our community. We take time to celebrate our differences and believe in fostering an inclusive culture that lifts up the people who keep our vision of eco-friendly flower farms alive.

Our Flowers

Far beyond our wildest dreams, Mother Nature gifted us with the perfect land and weather conditions for growing flowers. Located on the Equatorial line at 0°00’00’’, our blooms bask in the most sunshine on Earth – a full twelve hours per day year round. As we are situated at an altitude of over 12,000 feet, our flowers develop slowly – like all good things, they take time to grow.

The result? We are the gold standard in roses; the Swiss chocolate of the botanic world. Of course, Swiss chocolate is made with Ecuadorian cacao so it makes sense! Our flowers have fuller blossoms, stronger stems, and an extended vase life so your loved one can enjoy their flowers for longer.