• We grow our roses at altitudes of over 12,000 feet, resulting in stronger stems and larger blooms

  • We deliver US nationwide - directly from our ecofarm...and it's free too!!

  • Ecuadorian roses can grow to be over five feet tall

  • Our location on the equator allows our roses to have an even twelve hours of sunshine year round

  • Roses are one of the oldest flowers on Earth – they date back 35 million years

  • The oldest living rose is 1,207 years old and grows in Hildesheim, Germany

  • The rose is the national flower of The United States

  • There’s a scientific reason you love flowers – studies have found that they positively impact your mood

  • Stop and smell the roses – they have microscopic perfume glands on their petals that give them their scent

  • Roses are botanically related to many fruits, including apples, raspberries, and plums.

  • Our small farm is located on the equatorial line at 0°00’00’’

  • Have you checked our subscriptions packages?

Classic red Ecuadorian Roses

In Full Bloom: Premium Ecuadorian Roses

Across the world, roses are the most popular flower bought year round. They’re gifted to loved ones, used for decoration, and worn in lapels and flower crowns at celebrations. They’re in every florist shop, but where do they originate?

Where your roses come from matters more than you might think – for multiple reasons. As our eco-farm is located in Ecuador, we’re going to share a bit about the special qualities of Ecuadorian roses specifically. It might surprise you to learn that Ecuador is one of the largest rose suppliers in the world – and for a good reason – the flowers here are exceptional. Not only do our premium roses have fuller blossoms, stronger stems, and an extended vase life due to the unique growing conditions here on the Equatorial line, but they are grown in a slow and sustainable way that is far better for the environment.

What’s Special About Premium Ecuadorian Roses?

1. Larger Blooms

One of the most popular reasons for purchasing Ecuadorian roses is their large bloom size. There’s no comparison between Colombian, African, Dutch and Ecuadorian roses – ours are far larger with more petals. As our eco-farm is located on the Equator, our roses benefit from twelve hours of sunshine every day, which helps boost rose size.

2. Thicker Stems

The stems of roses from Ecuador are thicker than most other types of roses, which makes them more resilient and longer-lasting. They have more natural defenses against pests and are less likely to be damaged in transport. Our rose stems are also longer than the average roses – they would grow to be five feet tall if we let them!

3. More Color Variations

Ecuadorian roses come in over 500 varieties in an incredible array of colors. From delicate pinks, like The Fairytale bouquet to vibrant oranges, like Sorbet, the unique color variations of their petals means you can find roses for any occasion. We also have roses with multi-hued petals, like Rose Gold, which features a natural ombre effect you won’t find anywhere else in the world.

4. Longer Vase Life

While many standard roses only last for one week, roses from Ecuador tend to stay fresh for longer. When taken care of properly, they can last for weeks after they are cut. To help preserve them, our roses are cut to order and we hydrate them in a cold room for 24 hours before they are shipped. 

Care Considerations

Our premium roses require daily attention to keep them looking beautiful. After you’ve received your bouquet, you’ll need to maintain the water, add flower food, and make sure they are situated in a cool spot away from direct sunlight. Follow our care guide for complete instructions on how to protect your roses at home.

Ecuadorian roses are unlike any other. They’re the gold standard in roses; the Swiss chocolate of the botanic world. Of course, Swiss chocolate is made with Ecuadorian cacao so it makes sense! The combination of their beauty and fragrance, coupled with their unique durability, make them an ideal gift for any occasion or a special treat for yourself. Whether it’s a holiday or a birthday—nothing shows how much you care like sending a bouquet of our premium Ecuadorian roses.

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