• We grow our roses at altitudes of over 12,000 feet, resulting in stronger stems and larger blooms

  • We deliver US nationwide - directly from our ecofarm...and it's free too!!

  • Ecuadorian roses can grow to be over five feet tall

  • Our location on the equator allows our roses to have an even twelve hours of sunshine year round

  • Roses are one of the oldest flowers on Earth – they date back 35 million years

  • The oldest living rose is 1,207 years old and grows in Hildesheim, Germany

  • The rose is the national flower of The United States

  • There’s a scientific reason you love flowers – studies have found that they positively impact your mood

  • Stop and smell the roses – they have microscopic perfume glands on their petals that give them their scent

  • Roses are botanically related to many fruits, including apples, raspberries, and plums.

  • Our small farm is located on the equatorial line at 0°00’00’’

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The Perfect Wedding Bouquet for Every Type of Bride

The Perfect Wedding Bouquet for Every Type of Bride

There’s no one-size-fits-all when it comes to wedding bouquets. No two brides are exactly alike, and a wedding is about celebrating their uniqueness. Once you’ve found your dress and chosen your venue, it’s time to consider all the options of flowers available. With so many colors, types, and arrangement styles, it can be a little overwhelming, so we’ve made some suggestions based on your bridal style below. Get inspired and don’t hold back from what makes you feel the most beautiful on your big day.

Classic Bride

Traditional with a timeless sense of style, the classic bride is known for her love of sleek silhouettes and luxurious materials like silk, lace, and pearls. The color palette of her wedding will likely fall in the spectrum of ivories, pinks, or navy blues. As for her bouquet, expect a soft palette of cream and baby pink roses, perhaps with a hand-tied silk ribbon.

Best Bouquets: BallerinaThe Pearl, The Lullaby

Modern Bride

The style of a modern bride revolves around clean lines and sophistication -- classic with a contemporary twist. For the bouquet, this often means sleek white roses or a monochromatic bouquet in an unexpected color like rose gold or light green. 

Best Bouquets: The Fairytale, Rose Gold, Morning Dew

Boho Bride

Traditional bouquets are a bit too formal and old-fashioned for a bohemian bride. Instead, look for loose-petaled, trailing blooms that flow along your arms as you walk down the aisle. Neutral colored bouquets will complement any boho bridesmaids dresses in hues like dusty rose or blush.

Best Bouquets: Butterfly, Angel Wings, Boho Chic

Romantic Bride

Love is in the air and the romantic bride wants to play it up in every way possible. Wearing a very romantic gown or elegant princess dress, she’s likely to walk down the aisle with flowers that exude passion, like our long-stemmed red roses. For the rest of the floral displays, we’d expect to see more roses along with heavenly hydrangeas interspersed with other delicate flowers.

Best Bouquets: Heartsong, The One, Alchemy

Non-Traditional Bride

You love doing things your own way and there’s no doubt your wedding will be just as unique as you are. To step outside what’s expected, the non-traditional bride might opt for an unusual bouquet with a color palette that is purple, blue or black.

Best Bouquets: After Midnight, Bohemia, Moondance

As you choose your bouquet, keep in mind how it will look with your dress, venue and other decorations. The bridal bouquet is a focal point that should bring together all the most magical elements of your wedding. To secure your perfect wedding bouquet, you can order directly from our website or set up a consultation to discuss having us arrange all the flowers at your wedding.

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