• We grow our roses at altitudes of over 12,000 feet, resulting in stronger stems and larger blooms

  • We deliver US nationwide - directly from our ecofarm...and it's free too!!

  • Ecuadorian roses can grow to be over five feet tall

  • Our location on the equator allows our roses to have an even twelve hours of sunshine year round

  • Roses are one of the oldest flowers on Earth – they date back 35 million years

  • The oldest living rose is 1,207 years old and grows in Hildesheim, Germany

  • The rose is the national flower of The United States

  • There’s a scientific reason you love flowers – studies have found that they positively impact your mood

  • Stop and smell the roses – they have microscopic perfume glands on their petals that give them their scent

  • Roses are botanically related to many fruits, including apples, raspberries, and plums.

  • Our small farm is located on the equatorial line at 0°00’00’’

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Ping baby spray roses

Small but Mighty: The Unique Beauty of Spray Roses

Spray roses are one of the more unique varieties of roses owing to their petite size and the fact that they have multiple blooms on each stem. Different from standard roses, garden roses, and shrub roses, spray roses make for beautiful bouquets, corsages, and boutonnieres. They create lovely, delicate sprays (hence their name) that bring elegance, texture, and a lush effect to bouquets. 

Read on to find out more about these darling roses, how they differ from our other flowers, and ways you can enjoy them at home!

Quick Facts About Spray Roses

  • On each spray rose stem, you’ll usually find 3-5 heads
  • The heads are about half the size of a standard rose head
  • The stems are thinner and more flexible than standard rose or garden rose stems

Uses of Spray Roses

Highly versatile, spray roses can be used for many different occasions. From decorating the home to adding beauty to restaurant tables, office desks, and hotel lobbies, spray roses are unanimously beloved. In addition, they’re often incorporated into special events such as proms, weddings, or anniversary parties. These small blooms can also be used in floral arrangements with other flower types. However you choose to use them, spray roses are guaranteed to add some flair wherever they are displayed.

Choosing Your Bouquet

Ready to pick out a spray rose bouquet? While the size and shape of spray roses is fairly consistent, there is a wide range of colors available, which will give the bouquet its personality. Think about who you are sending to and what the purpose of your bouquet will be. For example, if you are sending a bouquet to your sister for her birthday, we’d recommend pink spray roses like The Lullaby, or a mixed bouquet with spray roses, like Heartsong. For a friend or a ‘Get Well Soon’ gift, our Honeycomb yellow spray roses are perfect. If you’re looking for something a little outside the box, try Moondance lavender spray roses.

Care Considerations

To maximize your spray rose bouquet’s potential and longevity, be sure to follow our step-by-step care guide. When dealing with spray roses, it’s really important to have a completely clean vase to begin with and change the water every day to avoid bacteria building up. As the water has to travel up the stem and then into separate branches to reach the multiple heads, it’s easy for a blockage to occur. This would prevent your spray roses from fully blooming, which you want to avoid. Don’t forget to trim your stems at an angle to allow the most water absorption.

A unique alternative to traditional roses, spray roses create a lush cloud of small flowers that seem to overflow from their vase as they bloom. Whether you’re celebrating a loved one or adding some color to your dinner table, you can't go wrong with a full bouquet of our eco-friendly spray roses!


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